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Become a hotspot provider!

We are looking to expand hotZona hotspots everywhere and anywhere. Here are some great reasons to offer Internet access at your location:

Revenue Generation hotZona Networks and your business share the revenue from the hotspot traffic
Increase foot traffic Your hotspot becomes a magnet for mobile Internet users
Staying power Keep your customers at your location longer
Low Risk Minimal expenses for hotspot

If you would like to get your location online, please contact us at:  sales@hotzona.com or 480-951-3174. We have the ability to build hotspots quickly once broadband access has been established.

Please give us suggestions for locations at: locations@hotzona.com and include the location name, contact name, address, and phone number.

Wired Solutions

Want to bill for a wired connection at your location? Our hotZona solutions work in a wired environment also. We provide the equipment, support and service.

Suggested hotspot sites

Site Typical hotspot areas and benefits
Airports Food courts, gate waiting areas, frequent flyer rooms.
Cafes Enable inside and outside your cafe.
Hotels Provide hotspots in hotel rooms, conference rooms, and even the business center to increase your "revenue per guest."
Offices Business suites are perfect places for our flexible billing solutions. Access the Internet hourly, daily, and even monthly. Enable conference rooms.
Residential Offer high-speed solutions to your tenants in their apartment the day the move in. No more waiting for the phone company or cable provider.

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