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hotZona Services!

Consulting Services

hotZona offers consulting, engineering, and management to help our clients meet their operating goals. Leverage technology to implement improve customer service levels, increase productivity, cut operating costs, and maximize reliability, availability and performance capabilities.

hotZona's expertise in telecommunications include:

bulletRFP and Specification development
bulletStrategic Planning
bulletROI Analysis
bulletProject Management
bulletNetwork Diversity Planning
bulletDisaster Recovery Planning
bulletSecurity Implementation and Auditing
bulletWireless Planning, Deployment, and Management

Domain Name Registration

hotZona is delighted to offer some of the cheapest Internet domains around! Are you looking for your own home on the Internet? You have come to the right place. We even offer Certified Domains at: www.certified-domains.com .




How would you like to have the SAME e-mail address no matter what Internet Service Provider (ISP) you use? How about being able to get your e-mail with your web browser? hotZona can help you! These are only a few of the benefits of your own e-mail.

A personalized domain/e-mail package makes a great inexpensive gift that can be enjoyed forever because you own the domain and the e-mail! (For a tiny yearly fee!) Check out rates.



Web Hosting

Looking for inexpensive web hosting? hotZona has it!


Web Hosting

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